Pros & Cons

The Honda Brio ticks all the right boxes in terms of relevant features. Honda has made it a point to add features that cover the essentials, plus a bit more. The car also features relatively impressive handling for its size and weight, and even after a spirited drive, the car returns to its frugality thanks to its notable fuel efficiency. 

If you were to get this model; however, you should note that the orange accents in the interior do not change with the body color of the car. It may look off when paired with the Carnival Yellow color. An improvement that could possibly be made to this small hatch is the brakes. In our testing, the brakes felt a bit vague, though it’s no dealbreaker. 

What You Will Like
  • Ticking the right boxes in terms of features.
  • Relatively impressive handling.
  • Notable fuel efficiency.
What You Won't Like
  • Orange accents (RS variant) within the cabin may look off with a yellow Brio.
  • Brakes need improvement.

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